“.feature” files

This week we created some .feature files, automating the tests for our software. However, we did not manage to fully implement cucumber yet which is why we simply created the files.
You can see these features in our use case documentation next to our activity diagrams:


Of course we will implement cucumber as fast as possible.

Here is also a picture how the gherkin file looks like in our IDE:

And the proof, that we are able to use autocomplete for feature files:

We also had some problems with our server, managed to fix them after a few days though.

Week 3: SRS and OUCD

To continue on our quest for world domination we defined our Software Requirements and created an Overall Use Case Diagram.

Our Use Case Diagram shows all the actors that will be of intrest when our system is running and the tasks they should be able to accomplish. Furthermore the tasks that should be done until december are highlited to give a clearer view of our priorities and concept.

The Software Requirements Specification document includes all of the requirements we need to successfully finish our project.