GameMaker Studio 2 – Making games is for everyone!

The following tutorial shows how to clone the demo project used in the presentation. In the presentation we will program the demo project step by step.

What is GameMaker Studio 2?

GameMaker Studio 2 is an IDE that combines the game engine GameMaker and other useful tools for game development, such as a graphics editor or a sound mixer… GameMaker specializes in 2D game development and offers a series of tutorials and demos for different skill levels. The demo includes a short introduction of the most important editors and a project where the basic functions of GameMaker are explained.

Installing the Demo project

Step 1: Install the free version of GameMaker Studio 2 by selecting, downloading and installing the Free Trail version. Note: unfortunately a registration at YoYo Games is necessary!

Step 2: Open GameMaker Studio and log in On the main screen, select the Source Control tab and then click “Clone Repository”.

Step 3: Enter the path to the demo project:
in the first field and select a new folder where the project should be cloned. Afterwards confirm with OK.

Step 4: After successful cloning a window opens where you have to select the demo project. Select the file “Demo.yyp” and confirm with OK.

Step 5: The project is now opened and can be started. To do this, you have to press the “Run” button at the top of the control bar. The game starts in an extra window.

Step 6: Now you can try everything as you like. The graphics are cc and can be processed further.

Thank you for reading this little tutorial about GameMaker Studio 2. I hope it could help you to get a first impression on how to work with GameMaker. Every feedback is appreciated.

Best regards,

Clemens Hübner


Hello everybody,

this week’s task was to refactor a deliberately badly written code. To improve the code, we added JUnit tests and restructured the code using the IDE tools of the IDE we prefer.

These are the links to our Git repositories:

Below you will find a little note from each of us, how their IDE helped us to do the Refactoring.

Tim and Marvin:
We have used IntelliJ to do the refactoring and could automate nearly every step of it which spared time and left less room for failure, which we didn’t expect to this extend beforehand.

I used eclipse to refactor since i was already working with it. It helped a lot with the refactoring and even though it sounds very subtle, auto-formatting helps a lot.

In my case I have tried refactoring in Visual Studio code, as I do a lot of projects using this IDE. VSC offers a very wide range of functions for refactoring and if that’s not enough for you, you can choose from countless plugins. For more information about refactoring in VSC just click here.

Greetings from your Maphynn Team !

Risk Management

Hello everybody,

this week’s topic is risk management, we have listed several realistic scenarios that pose a risk.These scenarios are then sorted by a risk factor, which is calculated from the probability of occurrence and their impact. In order to avoid these risks, avoidance strategies were drawn up and team members were assigned to monitor the individual risks. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Risk Management Table

Greetings from your Maphynn Team !

Midterm Presentation

Hello, everybody,

in this blog post we want to summarize all the work we have done so far. Below is a list of the weeks we have worked on Maphynn so far. Each blog post is linked below, which contains all useful information about the topic. We have also linked some of the documents and files with requirement specifications directly from this post. Have fun reading and leave us a comment if you like!


Project Management


  • Automated Testing
    We already set the foundation for automated testing, but did not implement it in our daily business yet. You can find further information on our fifth blogpost about our feature files.
  • Automated Deployment
    Our whole deployment is already automated. Further information on this topic can be find in our SAD.

Blog posts

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Greetings from your Maphynn Team

Software Architecture MVC

Hey guys,

This week we have edited our Architecture Document, which you can view here.

Within the document you can find the description of our MVC Tools,the class diagrams with marked MVC, the updated ER diagramm and the deployment view.

Our MVC class diagramms:

Class diagramm from API with marked MVC

Class diagramm from website with marked MVC

Our ER diagramm:

Our deployment view:

Also you can download an APK of our app here, where you can login and register an account.