The grand finale

After two semesters of work, this project comes to an end. Unfortunately we were not able to achieve world domination. But that’s ok, we learned a lot trying…

Jokes aside, this project helped us to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in the used frameworks and systems. Unfortunatley we were not able to implement everything we wished for but this experience will help us with the next project.

So for the final we hereby present to you our stuff:


You can find the slides and demo video of our final here.

The slides for our Midterm here.

Project Management

As you can see in one of our blogposts did we utilize function points to calculate an estimation of the needed time to implement the new use cases in the second half of our project. These estimations were unfortunately a bit too optimistic and we were not able to accomplish everything we wanted. In the following you can see which use cases we were able to finish and how much time we spent on each use case in comparison to the estimation.

As you can see our estimations were only for one use case right and we didn’t have the chance to work on two at all. The yellow use case marks, that we were able to complete this but needed much more time than expected. We were not able to complete the red use case but also spent much time on this one.
We think one reason for our miscalculation is that we are unexperienced with using function points as a metric and probably did a few mistakes in our calculations. On the other hand underestimated we generally the complexity and work that had to be done to fulfuill these use cases.

Here is also a chart that breaks down how much time every one of us spent on the project in general. The time is measured in minutes.


  • Automated Testing
    We already set the foundation for automated testing, but did not implement it in our daily business yet. You can find further information on our fifth blogpost about our feature files.
  • Automated Deployment
    Our whole deployment is already automated. Further information on this topic can be find in our SAD.

Blog posts

We hope you guys also had fun working on your projects and see you next semester!