Installation of our services

Today we want to show you how you can install our systems on your own machine.

Prerequisites: docker, android phone

Step 1: setup api and webservice

Note: we are storing all container data under /docker/*service* you may edit this path to your liking.

Api webservice and database will need to share a network:
docker network create web

For the api you will need a postgres database, we are using the following docker-compose file:

In pgadmin create the role “api” with all rights and create a new database called ‘maphynn’ and initialize it with this sql script.

Then you have to login to our registry:
docker login

The api stores some config in a .env file with the following content:


The JWT_TOKEN_SECRET is a password that is used to encrypt the JWT that is responsible for verifying requests. You can use any password you like, but we recommend a minimum length of 16 characters.

The BACKDOOR_HASH_KEY is a Bcrypt Hash which you can create here, just enter any password for Encrypt and leave the rounds at 12. Enter the hashed key as BACKDOOR_HASH_KEY. This password is used for secure communication between webservices and the api.

And run the image:

docker run --restart unless-stopped -d --name maphynn_api --net=web -v /docker/.env:/usr/src/app/.env -v /docker/api/images/profile_pictures:/usr/src/app/static/images/profile_pictures -p 8083:1234

The webservice also has a .env:

API_ADDRESS=your adress

In the LOCAL_KEY, enter the clear password which you have encrypted with Bcrypt.

and can be started with this command:

docker run --restart unless-stopped -d --name maphynn_webservice --net=web -v /docker/.webenv:/usr/src/app/.env -p 8082:1234

Now we can start the website:

docker run --restart unless-stopped -d --name maphynn_website -p 8081:80

To run the App go to and download the latest development.apk and install in on an Android phone. You have to allow installation from an unknown source first.

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  1. Hey Team MAPHYNN,

    We sucessfully installed your app and can confirm that it works.
    As we use Docker ourselves, it was not particularly hard to follow your instructions. However we never used PostgreSQL and PGAdmin and didnt know our way around this tool. It would have been nice if you included some screenshots of where we have to click. But thats nothing a quick google search couldnt fix and in the end we managed to run your app locally.


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