Hello everybody,

this week’s task was to refactor a deliberately badly written code. To improve the code, we added JUnit tests and restructured the code using the IDE tools of the IDE we prefer.

These are the links to our Git repositories:

Below you will find a little note from each of us, how their IDE helped us to do the Refactoring.

Tim and Marvin:
We have used IntelliJ to do the refactoring and could automate nearly every step of it which spared time and left less room for failure, which we didn’t expect to this extend beforehand.

I used eclipse to refactor since i was already working with it. It helped a lot with the refactoring and even though it sounds very subtle, auto-formatting helps a lot.

In my case I have tried refactoring in Visual Studio code, as I do a lot of projects using this IDE. VSC offers a very wide range of functions for refactoring and if that’s not enough for you, you can choose from countless plugins. For more information about refactoring in VSC just click here.

Greetings from your Maphynn Team !

2 Replies to “Refactoring”

  1. Hello Maphynn-Team,
    your blogpost Looks good and we like that you described some Points of refactoring in different IDEs.
    We mentioned that in your repositories some steps are missing like one of the last steps where you have to create a the Price class.

    Best regards,

  2. Hello Team Maphynn,
    we can see that everyone of you have made a refactoring job. Thats nice!
    Also a great thing is that you have individual comments on your refactoring, which is also a good idea.
    We still wish you the best for your project.
    Have a great day!

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