Risk Management

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this week’s topic is risk management, we have listed several realistic scenarios that pose a risk.These scenarios are then sorted by a risk factor, which is calculated from the probability of occurrence and their impact. In order to avoid these risks, avoidance strategies were drawn up and team members were assigned to monitor the individual risks. We are looking forward to your feedback.

Risk Management Table

Greetings from your Maphynn Team !

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  1. Hi Maphynn Team,

    your Risk Management Table looks excellent.
    On first view I disliked the formatting, since all risk factors are colored red. You could use color coding to inform the reader on the relative severity of each risk instead.
    The actual content is perfect. Your risks are real. Your probability of occurrence and impact assessments appear realistic. The mitigation strategies are implementable and responsibilities are denoted transparently.

    Keep up the good work.

    Robin from SaSEp: Clairvoyance

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