Software Architecture MVC

Hey guys,

This week we have edited our Architecture Document, which you can view here.

Within the document you can find the description of our MVC Tools,the class diagrams with marked MVC, the updated ER diagramm and the deployment view.

Our MVC class diagramms:

Class diagramm from API with marked MVC

Class diagramm from website with marked MVC

Our ER diagramm:

Our deployment view:

Also you can download an APK of our app here, where you can login and register an account.

3 Replies to “Software Architecture MVC”

  1. Hey guys,

    your screenshots look nice, colorful and attracting. I’m afraid your link to your documents throws a “404”, so I cannot do a detailed review yet.
    But I think you already mentionned a lot in your regular blogtext, so there can’t be missing much.
    Some more explanation would have helped me, but maybe it becomes clearer after I saw your sheet.

    Good work either way.


    @rawbean (Foody, B4)

  2. Hey there,

    as already mentioned your diagrams look really good. What I really like is the coloring, since it’s much easier to recoginze the seperation of the models and controllers.
    Sadly the link doesn’t work yet, but you covered the main aspects in your blogpost, so I believe putting it in the SAD wont be too hard 😀

    Apart from the not working link everything seems relly good, keep up the great work!

    Janis (TrackYourFit, B3)

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