Database and class diagrams

In this week we present to you our database as well as our class diagrams.

We created the ERM for the database using

For the api which is written in typescript we used tplant to generate a PlantUML diagram:

The website is written with angular dart and we used dcdg to generate a PlantUML diagram:

For the app we also used dcpg since it is written wich flutter and dart:

Since we used command line tool to generate these diagrams we plan to add a stage to our CI pipeline that generates and adds the PlantUML to your markdown documentation.

Unfortunatley the PlantUML renderer provides not possibility to set a width constraint and since there are no connections between the classes the generated images are quite wide. When rendering to png you can’t see everything but svg works. Unfortunatley the GitLab markdown integration of PlantUML defaults to png …

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  1. Hello Maphynn-Team,

    Your ERM looks quite well.
    Unfortunately I wasn´t able to read most of the UML-diagrams because the images were to small. This might be a issue on my side, since the Aniflix-Team seemed to be able to read them.
    The UML-diagrams I was able to read looked fine.

    Kind Regards,
    Eric Dehmel

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