This weeks retrospektive, for us as a team, was very prokductive and informing. We found quite a few points that cought us a bit of guard, giving us some good starting points to further improve the teamwork on our wonderful project. We were happy with the meeting overall and are going to continue on doing retrospectives in the futur.

In more detail:
We constructed a clear plan to improve on the points we discussed in the meeting, sorting he steps by importance. Everyone participated and contributed to the succes of this meeting.
However, the only real thing keeping us from maximum efficiency at our retrospective was the time management. It took a long time to write down some simple bulletpoints, just because we didn’t understand the the goal of this part (potential). We think those steps could be done a lot quicker or even prepared beforhand. Overall this
should be sorted in the next few weeks when a retrospective is something “normal” in our sprint.

These are the Flipcharts generated by this retrospective:

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  1. Hey Maphynn Team,
    this weeks blogpost looks really good. We find the idea of the Flipcharts really good for explaining your work. After all we dont have any questions for this week and we can not wait to see more.

    Kind Regards,
    Stats-Screening Team

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