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The topic of this weeks blogpost is our project management tool and its connection with our other tools.
We are using YouTrack as our project management tool, because we are also using IntelliJ as our IDE and the connection of both is very easy. YouTrack is a very powerful tool with which you are able to manage big projects. Because of this it is also very complex and we are still learning much on how to utilize this for our project.

Until now we set up a agile board where we are organizing our issues. We only just recently began to use SCRUM and sprints in our project. Because of this our first sprint contains the work items of the first six weeks of our project. From now on the duration of our sprints will be one week and we will meet atleast weekly to discuss what tasks we have to do in the next sprint.

It was really easy to connect IntelliJ with YouTrack. You just have to install a plugin and connect to your Youtrack server. As you can see in the picture below we can see the assigned tasks for us directly in our IDE and are also able to automatically track our spent time developing as you can see on the right. This is very useful because it is often very unprecise when you have to track the time by yourself.

We also connected Youtrack with our Gitlab server. On the one hand we are able to just link an issue to a task in YouTrack, on the other hand it is also possible to let Youtrack parse comments for tasks directly out of our commit comments on Gitlab. You can find an example for this in the issue linked below.

Our agile board was already mentioned at the beginning of the blogpost. When you follow the next link you can find our agile board with our current sprint for week seven. As you can see there are our issues tagged to a member of our team and a subsystem of our project, aswell as to the fitting workflow and phase of the RUP model. There is also our estimated and spent time for each task displayed.

At last but not least you can find a burndown and a gantt chart, which we generated with our issues from the first sprint, under the links below.

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  1. Hey guys,

    your setup looks very good. Also tracking in IntelliJ to YouTrack and the possibility of a GANTT-chart is perfect for usecase. Nice an easy implementation and connection to the other software and tools is brilliant. Nice choice.
    Well, to be fair, your burndown chart looks optimizable (for next semester), but i guess, nearly everyone has this problem at the moment, us included.
    I could not find detailed values for the estimated time per task, did I miss it? It should be in it for the grading. But the fact, that you have a burndown chart proves, that you might already have it. I just could not find it.

    Otherwise, no complainments from me.
    Good job.


    @rawbean (Foody, B4)

    1. Thanks for you feedback. We are still figuring out how we have to configure our project to get good burndown charts.
      Regarding the estimated time for a task, you can see this at the bottom right corner of the card for a task on our agile board or in the detailed view of a task. The format for the time is given in workdays, which means one day(d) equals eight hours(h) and one week(w) equals five days for example.

  2. Hey,
    great progress, and overview of what you’ve done this week. The blog entry for this week looks complete so there’s barely nothing someone could complain here 😀
    Your Burndown chart looks weird at the end, but I guess that’s just because we are at the beginning and ours would not look different.
    You could implement those pictures in your blog though, that way it would look cleaner and give a better overview, and you don’t have to click every single link.
    Best regards

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