“.feature” files

This week we created some .feature files, automating the tests for our software. However, we did not manage to fully implement cucumber yet which is why we simply created the files.
You can see these features in our use case documentation next to our activity diagrams:


Of course we will implement cucumber as fast as possible.

Here is also a picture how the gherkin file looks like in our IDE:

And the proof, that we are able to use autocomplete for feature files:

We also had some problems with our server, managed to fix them after a few days though.

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  1. Hey Maphynn team,

    a bit late but your post looks well according to the grading criteria of week 5. I am glad to see your IDE also let’s you generate the step definitions automatically.
    Maybe you could look that you use the same names for e.g. button names, you used “Save” and “save” in the first UC, but that’s just an optical thing (and could maybe prevent some little errors in the tests later 🙂

    Also , maybe you could fix your first hyperlink in this post, it somehow got messed up with the text and doesn’t work.

    Apart from that it’s not required to run the cucumber just yet (in week 5) but I know for a fact you got it working just now 🙂

    keep it on, and sorry for the late review
    [email protected]

  2. Hello Maphynn Team,

    it’s nice to see that you got your .feature files autocomplete working.

    I hope your cocumber tests are working as well.

    Please fix your first hyperlink.

    The second use case is well documented. I like your mockup.

    Jan from Clairvoyance

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