Tools, roles and responisibilties

If you are really interested in world domination – like we are – you must set up a specific plan. That’s why we first divided our project into two main parts: frontend and backend. For the frontend we need a website and an app with similar designs. Niklas and Tim are supposed to create the website and Marvin the app. The backend is handled by Felix and Clemens.

But within the project, we need more roles than just separating frontend and backend. There has to be management! So we named Tim our project manager. Marvin will take on the role of Deployment Manager, Niklas of Design Manager, Clemens of Database Manager, and Felix as Test Manager.

Tim Leistner (Frontend)Project Manager
Marvin Wunderlich (Frontend)Deployment Manager
Niklas Engelbrecht (Frontend)Design Manager
Clemens Hübner (Backend)Database Manager
Felix Kureck (Backend)Test Manager

In general we will define the use cases together in the whole team, so we don’t need an Use Case Manager. Also every team member is told to be an implementer.

After research and brainstorming, we came up with the idea to use dart as the programming language for creating the website (where we also need HTML, of course) and the app. We will use the Flutter framework for app development. This makes it possible to simultaneously create Android and iOS apps. The backend is supposed to be on an Node.js-Server and written in TypeScript, a REST API, and a database whose type still needs to be specified. The project management tool we use is YouTrack.

You can find our issue list by clicking the following link:
For each issue we define separately to which phase and to which workflow of the RUP it belongs to by using fields with the required values in YouTrack. Currently we are working out our use cases and the tasks which have to be done and are adding them to YouTrack.

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  1. Hey Maphynn Team,

    I’m glad to see that you provided further information about taking over the world.

    I am also happy to see that you are mostly using “new” technologies like Dart and Flutter to create your application and don’t stick with the old ones.
    Maybe it would be great though if you could provide your issueboard somewhere on a port reachable from the network of the DHBW.

    Keep it going, I look forward seeing your next blog entries!

    [email protected]

    1. Hey Leonhard,

      thank you for reviewing our blog post and your hint, that our issue list wasn’t accessable from the network of the DHBW. We fixed that now and it should be reachable.

      Best regards
      your MAPHYNN-Team

  2. Hi Maphynn,

    Your blogpost fulfills this week’s requirements. I like that you go from the product (a link to week one would be perfect) to the RUP roles. I think it would be interesting to get a sentence on each of your strengths or character for context.

    It is great, that you will use new technology. You will certainly learn a lot. Your yourtrack link is active. Everything is great.

    Robin from SaSEP: Clairvoyance

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