The very first Post

Hello! On our way to world domination, we need an army. Thus we plan to unite gamers all around the globe, to play their most favorite games together.

The main components of this system in general will be as follows: App, Website and the required Backend.

The idea is to create an App for universal match making. Users will be able to create an account, where they can list their favorite games. When they don’t want to play alone, they can search for other gamers with similar interests and skill level. Then they can exchange account names to play together.

If you don’t like to use an App, you will be able to use our website, which will provide the same functionality.

The technologies we think fit best for this project are:

  • Website: Dart, Over_React
  • App: Dart, Flutter
  • Backend: TypeScript, node.js, REST Api

6 Replies to “The very first Post”

  1. Hello,
    we really like your idea and the name. The first sentence is catchy and gives a nice introduction to your project.
    There are a lot open questions regarding the searching for other gamers tool, for example, is it a friend system?
    Please consider elaborating more precise about this and similare features.

    The Project is good dividable in subsystems, but wonder what tools you will use. Maybe you want to explain those more.

    We are also gamers and never seen such a tool.
    A problem could be the dependence of a large player and user base, since the App only makes sence if there are people to meet. To overcome this chicken-egg-problem you would need huge publicity at the beginning to getting started.

    We are looking forward to see your progress and testing out the app.

    Greeting TrackYourFit Team

    1. Hi,
      thanks for your feedback.
      We want to realize the matchmaking with a lobby system and you will also be able to add friends so you don’t lose contact if you want to play again together. I will update the post soon and give further information about this.
      You made a good point regarding the userbase. To be honest we did not really think about this yet, but this could get a real issue. We will have to find a solution for this.

      Best regards,

  2. Hello guys,
    as a gamer I strongly support the idea of a network to find challenging opponents and teammates.
    But you are missing a lot of basics. Do you already have a clear structure on how you are going to accomplish your idea? What languages and devices are you going to use? How will you implement the user interface?
    Best regards,

    1. Hello !

      Thanks for your comment!
      At the time we are still sorting out what technology to use and what exactly we want to develop. We think about developing an app as well as a website.

      Once we further defined our idea we’ll update the blog!


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