Week 4: Use Cases

The next step in our project is to define exactly which functions we are going to implement in our system.

For the beginning we have described two use cases. Both are about changing information of the user profiles. One describes the “change of critical information” which includes the email address and the password of the user. The second one describes the customization of the user profile regarding their profile picture and the nickname which is displayed when interacting with other users.

Both documents are linked in our SRS document and you can also find them through the following links:



Week 3: SRS and OUCD

To continue on our quest for world domination we defined our Software Requirements and created an Overall Use Case Diagram.

Our Use Case Diagram shows all the actors that will be of intrest when our system is running and the tasks they should be able to accomplish. Furthermore the tasks that should be done until december are highlited to give a clearer view of our priorities and concept.

The Software Requirements Specification document includes all of the requirements we need to successfully finish our project.


Tools, roles and responisibilties

If you are really interested in world domination – like we are – you must set up a specific plan. That’s why we first divided our project into two main parts: frontend and backend. For the frontend we need a website and an app with similar designs. Niklas and Tim are supposed to create the website and Marvin the app. The backend is handled by Felix and Clemens.

But within the project, we need more roles than just separating frontend and backend. There has to be management! So we named Tim our project manager. Marvin will take on the role of Deployment Manager, Niklas of Design Manager, Clemens of Database Manager, and Felix as Test Manager.

Tim Leistner (Frontend)Project Manager
Marvin Wunderlich (Frontend)Deployment Manager
Niklas Engelbrecht (Frontend)Design Manager
Clemens Hübner (Backend)Database Manager
Felix Kureck (Backend)Test Manager

In general we will define the use cases together in the whole team, so we don’t need an Use Case Manager. Also every team member is told to be an implementer.

After research and brainstorming, we came up with the idea to use dart as the programming language for creating the website (where we also need HTML, of course) and the app. We will use the Flutter framework for app development. This makes it possible to simultaneously create Android and iOS apps. The backend is supposed to be on an Node.js-Server and written in TypeScript, a REST API, and a database whose type still needs to be specified. The project management tool we use is YouTrack.

You can find our issue list by clicking the following link: youtrack.maphynn.de/issues
For each issue we define separately to which phase and to which workflow of the RUP it belongs to by using fields with the required values in YouTrack. Currently we are working out our use cases and the tasks which have to be done and are adding them to YouTrack.

The very first Post

Hello! On our way to world domination, we need an army. Thus we plan to unite gamers all around the globe, to play their most favorite games together.

The main components of this system in general will be as follows: App, Website and the required Backend.

The idea is to create an App for universal match making. Users will be able to create an account, where they can list their favorite games. When they don’t want to play alone, they can search for other gamers with similar interests and skill level. Then they can exchange account names to play together.

If you don’t like to use an App, you will be able to use our website, which will provide the same functionality.

The technologies we think fit best for this project are:

  • Website: Dart, Over_React
  • App: Dart, Flutter
  • Backend: TypeScript, node.js, REST Api